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It's Time To Break Free And Build A Business On Your Terms
We all want to be our own boss. And, we all want to get what we're worth.

Typically we work conditions that aren't favorable, late nights and harsh deadlines and dreaded 'day rates'.

6 Figure Freelance was designed to leave this all behind. Learn to create your own freelance business, whether working from home or in your own studio.

'6FF' builds an actionable plan to safely 'transition' out of the day job and into your own work-environment. As well as all of the necessary tools to get clients and build the necessary infrastructure to handle both big and small projects.

Whether you're looking to launch your own studio, or simply have a freelance business where YOU choose the hours and the lifestyle you want. 

Working remotely from the internet, or simply from your own office for clients in your city. Have the right scripts and dialog to negotiate this, as well as set the boundaries, and prices that allow you the freedom to get your life back, and then some!

Learn everything necessary to land 6 Figure Freelance Projects, and Beyond
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