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"If only I had more time"
What would you do if you had an extra 7-10 hours in your week?

As Designers, Game Developers, VFX Artists - we tend to always be 'reactive'. We work the crazy hours that we're told to work. We come in at 10am and sometimes leave as late as 4am. Weekends, go out the window. We're constantly 'reacting' to the schedule put in front of us by our producers, managers and supervisors.

And.. when we aren't busy - we do the opposite. We end up filling in our time until it's time to go home.
Games, Facebook, extended coffee breaks - we're at work right? So why not?

Yet, as creatives, there's always things we want to be doing.
Or, things we SHOULD be doing.

Work on a short film, learn a new skill, or even simply nurture the relationships we have, that unfortunately have to typically work within our unpredictable schedule.

The key thing is that if we're constantly exhausted, constantly wishing we could be doing MORE but just never having enough time to do what we already are required to do, then how is it possible to achieve the bigger goals that we set out to do?

The Productive Artist - was written with the sole focus on BEING -MORE- PRODUCTIVE. Creating -MORE- TIME.

I work in the film industry, I typically manage 5-7 projects at a time, I run multiple businesses, a Podcast 3 times per week, I put out over 60 hours of training every year publicly, and over 500 hours in private premium courses. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Moreso I'm OBSESSED with time, and where it goes. And how B.S. most of our excuses are about not having enough time.

This book is a giant case study on the subject. But broken down into actionable approaches. Not just mine, but much of the advice given from the hundreds of episodes in my Podcast from supervisors at ILM, to studio owners to regular CG Artists, like you and I.

There's no fluff, we get right to the point on how to make more time, how to manage yourself better, how to flip the switch on the entire industry and mindsets that come with it and make your schedule work for you. ALL OF THIS you can apply to your career RIGHT NOW.

The best part is - this book is FREE.
The only thing I ask, is you ACTUALLY USE IT.

Create more time..
Get more done..
Don't waste time..
Once you have more free time, put it toward the things you're passionate about. Move closer to the bigger goals you set out to do. The ones that you keep saying "I would... only if..."

The BIG QUESTION is really 'WHAT' are YOU going to DO, with all the EXTRA TIME you have, once you GET IT?

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So we can send you the book, videos, tutorials and more!
All of your information will remain private. We hate spam too..
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Allan McKay - Emmy Award Winning Visual Effects Supervisor
Allan is an Emmy award winning Visual Effects Supervisor working in Hollywood. He has worked on films including Superman, Star Trek, The Last Airbender, Transformers and more.

Allan also has worked for many leading games studios on titles like Call of Duty, Destiny, Halo, Half-Life, Bioshock. As well as award winning game cinematics such as Bioshock, Warhammer, Evil Within and Oscar nominated short film In The Rough. 

As well as speaking at many events world wide, regularly at Autodesk University, SIGGRAPH as well as holding private classes for Ubisoft, Prime Focus, Remedy Games and Industrial Light + Magic. Sharing the stage with speakers like Facebook & id Software's John Carmack, Apple Founder Steve Wozniak, Pixar's Neil Blevins and more.

Allan's Podcast is ranked in the top 200 in the Business/Careers section of iTunes - which focuses entirely on teaching artists and creatives alike to build a successful career and stand out. interviewing many inspiring artists such as Ben Snow (Senior VFX Supervisor for ILM), Andrew Kramer (Video Copilot, JJ Abram's Bad Robot), Jeff Okun (VFX Supervisor & Chair for the Visual Effects Society) and hundreds of other outstanding industry experts!

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