YOU CHOOSE - What Happens In The Upcoming Visual Effects Training Series

Now, with the upcoming visual effects training series, have your say and share your input on what would make a 'kick ass, visual effects shot!'

This will be an opportunity to have your say on what YOU want to see in the upcoming training coming out in the next few weeks, with this highly interactive experience.

It's time for YOU to choose your own adventure!

Either submit your idea - or simply sign up to participate in this training

Here's the deal - For the next week until November 30 I want YOU to submit your ideas of what you want to see in this visual effects shot (above).

This is your opportunity to submit your ideas - whether it be a tornado, asteroid, nuclear explosion, WHATEVER you think would be cool. From there on November 30, we will vote on the top 10 ideas and the highest voted concept will then be turned into a training series.

So YOU CHOOSE the concept, of what you want to see happen. After we all vote - there will be a massive training series created from start to finish as Allan goes through creating the visual effects shot from scratch, documenting the entire process as he goes. So this is a chance to be part of this highly interactive experience from the ground level!


  • RAW HD Footage  - Get access to the HD footage shot on RED Epic Dragon 6K!
  • HDRI Assets - Also download the HDRI asset
  • Camera Tracked Scene - Download the camera tracked scene file both as FBX and .Max File!
  • Scene file contains all the buildings - Each of the buildings has been professionally modeled with dynamics/destruction in mind
  • Access to the entire free training series - Roughly 10-15 hours of high-end visual effects training
  • Check the next page for additional bonuses: The VFX Supervisor Toolkit, 10x Your Career Video Series
  • Also the opportunity to hang out with Allan McKay, Ash Thorp, Neil Blevins, Dan Roarty and Ryan Church in Paris!
  • And So Much More...

Allan McKay is an Emmy award winning Visual Effects Supervisor and Technical Director in Hollywood with almost 20 years experience having worked for many leading studios. 

Allan's Podcast is rated in the top 200 in the careers section of iTunes with over half a million downloads.

  • Works For Studios: Industrial Light + Magic, Autodesk, Ubisoft, Activision, Pixomondo, Atomic Fiction, Sega, Catastrophic FX, Psyop, Prologue, Imaginary Forces, Encore Hollywood, Popular Mechanics, Prime Focus, Reel FX, Iloura, Realtime UK, Plastic Wax & Lucas Film
  • Works on Films: Star Trek 2, Superman, Transformers 3, The Equalizer, Flight, The Last Airbender, 2012, Blade Trinity, DayBreakers, Metallica, Warcraft, Looper, Priest
  • Works on Games: Bioshock, Half-Life, Halo, Call of Duty, Destiny, Prototype, Team Fortress 2
  • Speaks at: SIGGRAPH, Autodesk University, FXPHD, Digital Tutors, Gnomon, CG Society
Includes all VFX Assets
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